Saturday, March 21, 2015

Kumathamma Temple

    Sri Kumathamma Temple

                                                               Sri Kumathamma Devi

Sri Kumathamma temple is 7 kms from Gudiyatam Bus stand towards Pallikonda then at Veppur cross need to take right turn from this point it is nearly 1 kms distance and from Gudiyatam Railway station it is around 4 kms. Many Autos ply from Bus stand take you to the temple and return back.

                                                           Gudiyatam Railway Station

                                                         another view of Railway station

                                                                        Devi pic 1

Kumathamma devi is 3 (three) Tri-Shakthi Devi incorporated with sri Laxmi, sri Parvati and sri Saraswathi devi ALL -in - ONE.

                                                              Road map to Temple

                                                             Temple Banner 1

                                                           Temple Banner 2

History informs that this temple sorrounding had three Rivers flowing and now we could see only Palar river bed and other two rivers are dried up.

                                                               Temple Board 1 

                                                                 Temple Board 2

                                                                Temple Board 3

Powerful and pure devotion will yield results immediately people come here with many problems and get sorted out and many Diseases which are not being cured also get cured here on visiting this temple for 3 times with a gap of 3 months for each visit and have prasadam at the temple.

                                                            sri Vinayaka Sannidi

                                                               Murugan Sannidi

 Daily Poojas, Abhisehkam and Homas are being conducted regularly and on every Pournami and Amavasya days special poojas are being conducted.

                                                                  Homa Kunda









                                                                     Devi pic 2

 One must visit this unknown trishakthi devi temple has history of ages to get Bliss in the Life.

                                                                 ------ Hari Om ------


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